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A systematic retraining, or relearning program such as the one we outline in our e-book, is necessary to change your dog’s behavior.

The medications often need some time before the full effect will have an impact (1-4 weeks, but often up to two months) and may need to be prescribed for a minimum of 6 months depending on the situation.

Given that anxiety is often at the root of aggression, you might think that a sedative might help.

Common medications like Acepromazine (“Ace” or “Promace” are particularly common, but sadly, they are a bad choice for aggression. Gary Landsberg states that “phenothiazines such as acepromazine are sedatives but do not reduce anxiety.” Dr.

Side effects are more likely during the ramping on and off phases.

Tests prior to putting the dog on medication are a good idea to establish a baseline.

Most troubling side effects are experienced as the body gets used to the medication or as the medication is weaned off.

has been effective with many dogs, particularly those that have an impulse control element such as owner directed aggression.

It is important then to understand that regardless of any medications, a treatment plan still needs to address the learning component in dog in its own classification and is generally well-tolerated and is used as a non-sedating anti-anxiety drug and may be used for more mild forms of anxiety.It may also be combined with other classes of medications.These new theories are quite exciting since exercise, environmental enrichment and novelty have also been linked to the creation of new neurons.The underlying cause and the presenting symptoms of your dog’s disorder will guide a veterinary behaviorist to figure out which medication is best to try with the right treatment methods.Dogs tend to respond the way they have done in the past far more than humans do.A systematic re-training/ re-learning program such as the one we outline in our e-book, is necessary to change your dog’s behavior.That means that a dog being treated for fear may be less afraid to act aggressively depending on the nature of his or her problems.Benzodiazepines in particular are not recommended for treating aggression for this fact alone.Here are some of the more common medications used for treating dog aggression: are tricyclics (TCAs).These classifications are based on how they appears to work in the brain.

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