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A Rhode Island middle school discovered that some students were crushing Smarties candy and then snorting the dust.

So they sent an email to parents, warning that a side effect of this activity could be _________ in their kids’ noses.

Using a fartlek on grass like 5-8 x 3/1/15 would be a good idea as well.

This would be 3 minutes at an controlled pace followed by 1 minute at 800-1600m pace (depending on the athletes) and finally a 15 second sprint. If you send your sprinters out on a 30-35 minute run they will most certainly slog. A matter of fact, sprinters would be more likely to slog to the closest person’s house 5 minutes away then play basketball for 20 minutes and slog back to the track. These fast twitch kids will find away around doing the work since it is the opposite of what they want to do.

I would try to figure out a way to give them what they want and also what they need at the same time.

After the workout sprinters should do a lift or body weight circuit.

After the block drills I would throw in some fitness training on grass such as cross fields or strides, followed by lifting or body weight circuits.

The lifting or circuits on this day should be more explosive like cleans, snatches, rocket jumps, push ups with a clap, etc.…

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After the pool workout I would have the sprinters do a bunch of core exercises.

Typically, I will do 1-5 sets of Broken 600m’s with 3-5 minute recovery followed by 2-6 x 150m’s at a faster pace with 3 minutes recovery to get the legs moving again.

Following the Clyde Hart 200m progression would be an option in the fall.

Though this time is limited, it is better than nothing. Toward the end of the summer, my inbox is usually flooded with emails from sprint recruits who have decided on running cross country, to get in shape for the indoor season.

My initial thought is approval; at least they are staying fit and actively preparing for the year ahead.

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  1. But I also think that some incredibly queer, and especially trans women game developers have been making games that unapologetically portray things like sexuality, queer romance, or trans existence in ways that would be passively censored in mainstream game design.