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In the meantime, we're keeping an eye on our other Pixel 2 XLs to see how they fare over time with normal use.

Another, more minor issue is that the Pixel 2 XL's display , the latter of which has the same POLED screen with the same resolution.

How wide you want this tilting window to be depends on your tolerance.

, the Pixel 2 looks thick and frankly, a little boring.

If you prefer a bigger display and have the budget, however, you may be interested in the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL.

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I submerged both the Pixel 2 and 2 XL twice in a bucket filled with a foot of water (that's well under their IP67 standard rating, which dictates a maximum depth of 1 meter, or about 3 feet) for a little over 28 minutes. Lastly, Google borrowed the 's pressure-sensitive sides.The Pixel 2 comes in three colors: Kinda Blue, Just Black and Clearly White, and costs 9 (64GB) and 9 (128GB).The differences between the two phones come down to price (obviously), size, bezel width and screen technology.Google issued a statement saying that the Pixel 2 XL's burn-in issue was "in line with that of other premium smartphones and should not affect the normal, day-to-day user experience" (despite the fact that we didn't see evidence of burn-in on the Pixel 2, LG V30 or Galaxy S8).The company promises ongoing software updates starting in the next few weeks that will optimize the phone against burn-in and extended both the Pixel 2 and .The design does allow for front-facing speakers, which create an even, robust sound, and the glass shade on the back looks tidier and cleaner.Still, the Pixel 2's thicker bezels make it look dated compared to other top phones.In general, I didn't use the squeeze feature all that much, and it would be better if you could program the squeeze to launch an app of your choice.Out of habit, I mostly launched Assistant through the Home button.Right now, we don't know how serious or how widespread the burn-in issue is (are these anecdotal issues with an early batch of screens, or are they symptomatic of an endemic problem with the product?), or how well Google's upcoming software updates will help ameliorate the problem.

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