Sexy 3d chatbot

This is all knowledge that a senior leader in a business HAS to have to remain credible and effective. Someone who did this exercise or someone who showed up on day 1 expecting to wing it?

Close to 100% of the companies that come to me for advice have wasted a HUGE amount of time and/or money by choosing the wrong marketing partner, making the wrong hire, budgeting incorrectly or focusing on the wrong activities.

Although I know the Founder, Jake, and I use the product (it’s awesome!

), he has NO IDEA I’m doing this and has provided no special information — it was all pulled together from free tools and publicly available information.

And even if Tinka only chats per text and doesn't yet have a voice, you can be sure that her instant assistance is needed and appreciated around the clock.

Every month she chats with 50,000 customers and prospective customers, answering some 120,000 questions – about bills, cell phones and services, the Home Net Box for home Wi-Fi, network outages and more – you name it.

Too many times I get asked how to write a marketing plan.

Tinka provides up to 1,700 current and relevant responses which are sourced from the "human team" responsible for the chatbot.We introduced this digital virtual assistant here once before. It's fun, even if I'm not a mobile customer of T-Mobile Austria.Now, just after her debut on Facebook Messenger, she will be appearing at the Deutsche Telekom booth at MWC in Barcelona. This is my first encounter with a chatbot (chat robot) on the web. " – that's how I start in order to get a feeling for how this all works.It's about decreased effort and real intelligence.Keynote address at CHat Shanghai Conference, September 2016.Because showing is better than telling, I decided to put together my own style of actionable marketing plan that I can point people to as an example.To make things interesting, I chose a real life startup, And Chill, to focus on.She will appear as a life-size 3D model – and will respond to visitor questions about the company, the booth, its highlights and more.In other words, a really big show for a chatbot that otherwise appears in a small space on greets website visitors with a smile.I'll be able to get new insights about this at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Because Tinka will be a big Deutsche Telekom attraction there.

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