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Mac OS 8.1 is the last version that could run on a "68K" processor (the 68040).In systems prior to Power PC G3-based systems, significant parts of the system are stored in physical ROM on the motherboard.Initial versions of the System Software run one application at a time.With the introduction of System 5, a cooperative multitasking extension called Multi Finder was added, which was later integrated into System 7 as part of the operating system along with support for virtual memory.The name Macintosh System Software came into use in 1987 with System 5.

The first version of the system software, which had no official name, was partially based on the Lisa OS, previously released by Apple for the Lisa computer in 1983.In September 1979, Raskin began looking for an engineer who could put together a prototype.Bill Atkinson, a member of the Apple Lisa team, introduced Raskin to Burrell Smith, a service technician who had been hired earlier that year.After it was created, the company bought all 39 pages of advertisement space in the 1984 November/December edition of Newsweek magazine.Apple was so successful in its marketing for the Macintosh that it quickly outsold its more sophisticated predecessor, the Lisa.Early versions of Mac OS are compatible only with Motorola 68000-family Macintoshes.As Apple introduced computers with Power PC hardware, the OS was ported to support this architecture.This would differentiate it from its contemporaries such as MS-DOS, which use a command-line interface consisting of tersely abbreviated textual commands.In January 1981, Steve Jobs completely took over the Macintosh project.Apple's original concept for the Macintosh deliberately sought to minimize the user's conceptual awareness of the operating system.Many basic tasks that had required more operating system knowledge on other systems could then be accomplished by mouse gestures and graphic controls on a Macintosh.

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