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With an aim to reduce congestion while also driving footfall, the independent delivery company works with retailers in the area to bring together deliveries and reduce the number of lorries and vans on the road.

All consumables from suppliers are sent to a consolidation centre just outside the congestion zone.

These initiatives are examples of how consolidation between logistics players, consumers and councils can improve last mile delivery across the UK.Not only have jobs been lost, but suppliers to Carillion are now at risk of closing shop as well, with contracts like the construction of HS2 likely to change hands.One detail that has been repeated in the press is that, despite the risks Going electric could save fleets in the UK approximately £14bn in total, according to newly published research.Once they have received the goods from the supplier, Last Mile uses cycle couriers to deliver the parcels to other areas across the city.This saves the supplier time, as there is no need to go to numerous drop off points across the city centre, while also reducing congestion and pollution levels.Agriculture contributes to 13.7% Indian GDP while employing 50% of the population[1].There has been little progress in streamlining the process since Indian independence in 1947.Last Mile Leeds and Manchester is a cycle freight company which works with delivery companies, such as DHL, to reduce the number of vans and lorries driving through the city centres.The company has a depot near the centre of both cities, which is where suppliers take the parcels they want delivered.However, research showed that 73% of consumers who shopped in this area found the experience exhausting and overwhelming.To address these concerns, as well as the growing pollution and congestion problem, the Crown Estate, which owns the area, appointed a logistics company to operate a delivery consolidation scheme.

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