Symantec endpoint protection definitions not updating on some clients

(see screenshot below)We will create our own policy in this LAB so in the Configuration Manager console, click Assets and Compliance, click Endpoint Protection, select Antimalware Policies.

In the ribbon select Create Antimalware Policygive the policy a name like Custom Endpoint Protection Antimalware Policyfor Scheduled scans change to Daily at 12 pm (default was Saturday, 2am) and set it to check for latest definition updates before the scan and to randomize the scan start timefor Definition Updates set the check to 2 hours and click on set source, only select Updates distributed from Configuration Manager (deselet the other options)Click Ok, Ok.

Please guide me if there is any document or there already is a topic about this.

I have is the standalone AV installation so there is no master repository to get the daily DAT files, I manually download and update it from AV portal (Symantec and Mcafee).This setting is a recommended best practice.), for software available select 2 hours to allow sufficient time for the Deployment to reach all Distribution Points and select As soon as possible for the installation the User Visual Experience select Hide from the drop down menufor Alerts enable the option to generate an alertfor download settings as the definition updates are important let's download them even if on slow networks For Deployment Package we are creating a new one so give it a suitable name like Endpoint Protection Definition Updates and point it to a previously created folder Everytime this ADR runs it will want to create a new deployment package as specified above, we do not want this to happen so after running the ADR once, retire it and create a new ADR except this time point the deployment package to the packaged which is now created called Endpoint Protection Definition your way through the rest of the Wizard till completionif you scroll to the right you'll see nothing has been downloaded, yet...(because our Automatic Deployment Rule hasn't run yet since the sync)so let's force the Automatic Deployment Rule to run now, right click on our ADR and choose Run Nowand after a few minutes look at our Definition Updates again, notice the difference ?All current Microsoft antimalware products except for Windows In Tune and Microsoft Security Essentials Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition version 10Symantec Endpoint Protection version 11Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition version 12Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise version 8Trend Micro Office Scan Suppress any required computer restart after the Endpoint Protection client installed .Manually create a folder exception for Symantec Endpoint Protection Virus and Spyware Definitions on affected computers.Hi, I am new to Big Fix and exploring the amazing tool.Below is an Introduction to Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager, for more info see the following on Technet - you use Endpoint Protection with Configuration Manager, you benefit from the following: Prerequisites for Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager - Practices for Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager - Workflow for Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager - The Endpoint Protection point site system role must be installed before you can use Endpoint Protection or before you can set End Point Protection client settings.It must be installed on one site system server only and it must be installed at the top of the hierarchy on a central administration site or a standalone primary site.In the configmgr console, click on Administration, expand Overview and expand Site Configuration, select Sites and click on Settings in the ribbon and click on Configure Site Components and select Email Notification.enter your desired settings for SMTP and click Apply. Next let's configure Alerts for a Collection, but first let's create a collection called All Windows 7 Computers (in a LAB this is fine for what we want to do, in Production you should create End Point Protection specific Collections).Click on Assets and Complicance in the console,click on Device Collections and in the ribbon click on Create Device Collection.Hi together, i got problems with the automatic deployment rule.i get the error code 0X87D20417 with the following information: automatic deployment rule download failed.

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