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Part of the definition of a cult is “a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist” – Websters Dictionary While on the surface the IFB seems to be a traditional Christian organization, within the walls of the church there is false and extreme doctrine, heavy manipulation and mind-control of its members, and manipulation of the Word of God that hurts people.It is not the intention of this site to hurt or defame anyone.Like others who have similar sites, the reason for concentrating on the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination is simply due to personal experience. Some are a little different and may be less strict or have different stances on scripture, but for the most part they are all very similar.I can really only speak from my experiences so that is why this site is singling out the IFB.The focus of this site, therefore, is the issue of spiritual abuse and deception in the IFB churches.This site also has a secondary emphasis on other Christian churches, but will mostly focus on the IFB Denomination.Although I understand that good things still happen in IFB churches and that many people are brought to the Lord and salvation, I still believe that the IFB operates much like a cult.

I encourage you to speak your defense and your experiences of the IFB as well as your support of the information on this site.When discussing this with a good friend of mine he told me not to throw the baby out with the bath water, implying that I should just filter out the bad stuff that I see/experience and keep the good stuff.When it comes to church, however, I find it unacceptable that there should be such “bad stuff”.Keep in mind that even though people may make known the good things that are being done in their church or religious group does mean that there aren’t abusive things happening and does not give them the right to dismiss or excuse that abuse.It is wrong and dangerous to ignore/dismiss abuse on the grounds that good is also happening.So for example a child who was abused by his father who used a belt to beat him, will forever equate his father and that belt with abuse. When a particular church or organization abuse a person and they use the Bible to perform the abuse, you can deduce what will happen.The one thing that a person needs to heal from an abusive situation, the Bible, is the very thing that person can’t turn to because it was the object of the abuse.Much of what you will read here comes directly from my personal experience.Much of the information contained within this site can be generalized to other churches, but not all of it.I will let you, the reader, determine which applies to you and your unique situation.I’ve been accused of making the fallacy of hasty generalizations or that I’m simply over generalizing based on just my experience.

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  1. मैं आपको मेरी अप्सरा का नाम बताना तो भूल ही गया, उसका नाम था मीनू ! लेकिन मैने लंड बाहर नहीं निकाला और थोड़ी देर रुका रहा। जब वो कुछ सामान्य हो गई तो मैंने धीरे धीरे लंड हिलाना शुरू किया और उसके बाद उसे भी कुछ मज़ा आने लगा। मैंने उसे लगभग १५ मिनट तक खूब चोदा और इस दौरान वो ३ बार झड़ चुकी थी और अब मेरा भी पानी निकलने वाला था।मैंने तुंरत लंड बाहर निकाला और उसके मुंह के पास ले गया और उससे मुंह में लेने को कहा। वो मना करने लगी लेकिन फ़िर भी मैंने लंड उसके होठों पर लगा दिया तो वो मुंह में लेने लगी और फ़िर मेरा सारा पानी पी गई। उसके बाद उसने मेरा लंड खूब चूसा और मैंने उसे उसी दिन २ बार और भी चोदा।अब भी हमारी कहानी जारी है और मैं उसे बाईक पर उसके घर छोड़ने के लिए जाता हूँ और जिस दिन भी मौका होता है उसे खूब चोदता हूँ !