Teen dating violence program in houston tx

Tyreena Heck and María Limón, TCFV’s prevention coordinators will present prevention strategies that can be employed agency-wide.

Expanded Support for DV Prevention: The Lessons Learned – Five programs received support for their prevention programming through the Health and Human Service Commission’s Exceptional Item Funding.

María Limón, TCFV prevention coordinator, will focus on strategies that prevention workers can employ to heighten teens’ strengths and support their leadership and learning.

We’re in this Together: Folding Prevention into our Advocacy Our movement envisions a world where no one would dream of humiliating, hurting, dominating, or controlling the person they love. From children’s advocates to development staff, we can all promote prevention messaging, and cross-team collaborations bolster our program’s prevention and community education work.

This webinar features Jairo Portillo Llort, a marketing strategist, who reviews the ways teens use social media.

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The council meets five times during the current school term.By the end of this session, participants will develop a solid three-month action plan designed to build towards the successful implementation of their program’s goals.Meet the Plurals: How 13 to 21-year-olds Connect Young people, aged 14-21, represent one of the most diverse generations and are referred to as ‘plurals’ rather than millennials.Presenters will guide participants through the process of identifying potential partners in prevention, learn effective engagement strategies, and design an action plan for community involvement in prevention.This coached session incorporates a strengths-based approach to building program plans that allow for individual staff’s passion and interests.This training, created by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is an interactive activity designed to give participants the opportunity to better understand the circumstances of family violence survivors and the choices they make about their relationships.This training encourages powerful conversation and brings to surface issues of safety, resources, personal choices, barriers, and a myriad of social service systems.They are perfectly poised to lead prevention efforts in their communities given the right supports.This webinar features information on brain development relevant to prevention workers and community educators engaged with youth of various ages.The Youth Police Advisory Council (YPAC) was created in 1997 by Chief of Police, C. Bradford, who recognized that teenagers are often overlooked as a source of insightful input regarding youth and law enforcement issues.The first of its kind in the nation, the primary function is to promote trust and understanding between the Houston Police Department (HPD) and youth.

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