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Outside the corridor, where the pillars seemed lit up!

Atleast that is what I observed near the Banashankari Amma temple!Having said that, I can tell you he takes some very good night shots! Once the Durga Gudi was visited, we now wanted to proceed towards the other part of this temple complex where some popular temples are housed.This group of three temples mainly being Suryana Gudi, Gowdara Gudi & Ladkhan temple. But we needed to visit the archaeological museum too, another important part of this temple complex which lies exactly opposite to the Durga Gudi.The Ladkhan temple is the next temple in the immediate vicinity, but being a popular temple structure next to Durga Gudi, it had its fair share of visitors hence we decided to move to the farthest end and visit “Goudara Gudi" believed to be the oldest and is assigned to 5th Century!The temple stands typically on a solid stone platform and has multi-pillared hall and a garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum).I didn't get this excellent color tones of the structures at Aihole. It was so much crowded during our visit, honestly I am having better experience now while going through your report with these excellent snaps than the actual visit!!I didn't get this excellent color tones of the structures at Aihole. I too was worried about the crowd problem as it was Sunday but the holiday/travel season hadn't exactly started so we were blessed with some tranquility at Aihole, but felt Pattadakal was slightly crowded!Hahaha, I keep posting a few of his photos now and then! Ignore my hubby, its just to show the color tone that evening near the Kalyani that I am posting these photos!!That would be the best evening I have ever experienced personally!!The sanctum sanctorum has 2 feet tall beautiful idol believed to be of Surya (Sun) which seemed to be illuminated!The peculiar thing being there weren’t any windows through which sunrays could make its way.

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