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Usually it is quite easy to know they are a ladyboy in person, from the voice and demeanour, but from time to time they might trick you. Online dating is a completely different matter and you will get tricked all the time.Of course if you are looking for ladyboys then it isn’t really getting tricked.Yet – as their story demonstrates – love does not know boundaries set by man.Come join Char and Jack: take a journey to a place you have not been before – the Land of Transpinays!The Philippines has a strong but continuously threatened subculture of trans women – or transpinays as they like to call themselves. Together with Char and Jack we get to meet entertainer Marimar, waitress Irene, account manager Vanity, nurse Claire and slum resident Nicole, among others. Finnish photographer and documentarist Jack travelled to the Philippines to find out. From the exotic beaches to the slums of Manila, Jack gets to see all sides of the fascinating culture that is less known outside of the Philippines. They discover new things not only about transpinay culture, but also about each other.Hearing the stories of these people, we feel their joy and love – as well as their pain and sorrow when they have to battle against a world of fear, prejudice and violence.While filming the documentary Jack´s feelings for Char deepen and he has to face his own fears and prejudices.

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She is playful, adventurous, versatile, creative, talented, and insatiably lusty for hot bedroom companions.

If you are a fan of ladyboys (transgender women) then anywhere in Asia will be great for you and the Philippines is no different.

If I wanted to I could easily have free sex with Filipina ladyboys nonstop every day. It is almost impossible to walk by a Thai, Cambodian or Filipina ladyboy and not have them make eyes at you at the least.

• Private screening @ SEXPO training, Monday 9th October, 2017 • Helsinki Pride Week @ Kohtaus, Helsinki, Finland, Friday 30th June 2017 • Tampere Peace Research Institute TAPRI and Finnish-Philippine Society, Tampere, Finland, 1st June 2017 • The 23rd Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health, Prague, Czech Republic, 29th May 2017 •Trans Forces movie night, Helsinki, Finland, 24th November 2016 • Private screening @ HIV-center of Helsinki, Finland, 21th November 2016 • My True Colors Festival, New York, USA, 22nd June 2016 • Maailma Kylässä -festival, Helsinki, Finland, May 29th 2016 • The Finnish Documentary Guild LGBT documentary matinee – Helsinki, Finland, 20th March 2016 • World Premiere: Helsinki International Film Festival, 22nd September 2015 “This documentary reveals many viewer´s beliefs about transwomen to be obsolete and false.” “Char & Jack wholeheartedly respect the people they meet.

I felt safe in their company too, as a viewer.” “In my work as a sexologist, I see how we humans look for happiness.

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