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On the “Manage User Properties” page, find the “Picture” property and go into the Picture property’s edit page.This is where you will configure the mapping, as well as set other settings, e.g.if users should be able to change the image themselves.For the mapping, select thumbnail Photo, and Import, and click the “Add”.Other characters can cause errors and lack of functionality.For the script to run, you will need to know the Share Point user account identity.We also specify the My Sites Host site, where the images will be stored.There can be many reasons why you may want to change the displayed Share Point user display name given to a user in Share Point.

A simple way of solving this is using the Set-SPUser cmdlet in Power Shell, using the -Sync From AD parameter.Active Directory stores photos as a bytes, so when adding images to Active Directory, you have to pass it in as bytes. The following command will upload the Harvey_photo into active directory for the user bharvey. Now, if you look into the bharvey AD user, you can see the thumbailphoto attribute is set with a list of hex values which make up the photo’s bytes.To set up Share Point to use these photos, our first step will be to map the Share Point “Picture” column to the Active Directory “thumbnail Photo” column.In some cases, there is no need for User Profiles and My Sites.However, when you’re using Active Directory for authentication, you might notice that changes made to the AD Domain users are not effective for Share Point users, such as a different or new email address.Run Power Shell as administrator on your and call the Share Point snapin if you are not using the Management Shell prompt. All you need to specify is the account(identity), the new display name you want, and the site.Set-SPUser -Identity ‘accountname’ -Display Name ‘newdisplayname’ –Web Note: the prefix used in your environment may be different e.g.The scenario is that Share Point pulls the display name value from the active directory.Sometime later, a change to this display name is made in Active Directory and you do not see the change filtering up to the user profile in Share Point.This post will take you through adding images into Active Directory and having Share Point display it.Adding Photos into Active Directory is not as simple as opening up Active Directory Users and Computers, choosing the employee and uploading a photo.

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