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The guys teased and flirted as the girls laconically covered up and gathered their things to go home.

We had a leisurely feast, lounging on rugs set upon the grass then sort of lounged by the water.

From our high point we counted just under 40 people working a set of paddies that terraced an area about a square kilometer – plowing, tilling, planting (at this time of year).

Atop the stupa/temple we were treated to great views.

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Her name is Lauren and she's a fifth grade math teacher with fantastic ideas!

Now he was yammering into his mobile at a cellphone-voice-volume that would make a New Yorker proud. As we pulled up a couple of local girls were bathing.Nudity doesn't have the taboo here that it does at home, but a naked pretty girl is still a naked pretty girl.Last stop for the day was the big Dzong of this area.I remember one site where the images were updated once every five seconds.NIFOC (nude in front of computer) was once a naughty activity, now it...We were soaking up the whole thing; our second to last real day in Bhutan, the view of the Himalayan “foothills”, the bright blue sky, the green trees and brown rice paddies, standing atop a great religious site in the heart of the nation that invented the idea of “Gross National Happiness” when the monk's cell phone rang.An hour ago we were taking photos of a young man as he adjusted the yoke on his oxen; knee deep in the rice paddy.Next week, my students will be tackling problem and solution in our reading series.Which I plan to hit pretty hard because this is the first time it's been our focus skill of the week and I know it's ha big focus in third grade.I've upload the graphic organizer you see above and the following activities/resources to my Teacher's Pay Teachers store for ya'll for Free to say thank you for all your support during the Tp T Leap Day Sale!I was blown away by the success my little store had during the sale. :)Oh and one of my best friends, former roommate and college classmate has started a blog!

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