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Click on "greenhouse gas emissions" on the page of air-related topics and you'll find a link to "Climate Change Home"—which leads to a rather unwelcoming destination. "We are currently updating our website to reflect EPA's priorities under the leadership of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt,” states the text.

In the year he’s been in office, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has personally directed his webmasters to remove climate-related content on the website, scrubbing material that doesn’t fit his pro-business goals of rolling back regulations and casting doubt on the science of global warming and climate change.

Under Pruitt’s orders, EPA managers removed pages on climate change science and information about the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era effort to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fuel burning plants Those pages were replaced by links to President Trump’s executive order to repeal the Clean Power Plan, according to new e-mails obtained by the Environmental Defense Fund and 11 other other environmental and legal groups through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In one April 2017 email to colleagues in the EPA’s communications office, Lincoln Ferguson, an adviser to Pruitt, asks how close they are to removing and replacing the Clean Power Plan section. He also has several other changes that need to take place,” Ferguson wrote, according to the e-mails provided by the EDF.

This is the eighth episode in a 10-part podcast series that will introduce listeners to the entrepreneurs and innovators who are already spotting the risks ahead, and seeking to guide humanity towards the land of ease and plenty that some believe is now within reach.

The business of government has remained cautiously analogue as our lives have digitized, and perhaps there are good enough reasons for that.

Find out about new patterns and enhancements that make it easier than ever to craft the perfect experience for your users.

Note: If you run Linux (such as Ubuntu) and use your Linux distribution's packaged version of Thunderbird, you will need to wait for an updated package to be released to its package repository.

Afterward, Pruitt will make a final decision on its fate.

The notion of representation could be changed beyond recognition, and legitimacy too will adopt a different hue. And with filter bubbles and bots entering the lexicon, how does technology threaten the efficacy of our governing systems?

We explore the issues with Beth Noveck, Director of the Governance Lab; Carl Miller, author of Power: Control and Liberation in the Digital Age; David Binetti, founder of Votizen; Pia Mancini of Democracy OS and Democracy Earth; and Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister without Portfolio.

i OS 11 brings a bold, dynamic new style to UI elements systemwide.

Learn how to adopt new features in your app, including large title bars with integrated search, landscape tab bars, and more powerful swipe actions.

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