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Of course, this is not the only thing that can be done with the validator function.The validator gives us an easy to use onchange function for the prompts.But now, instead of using the JS to validate, I can use the validate function to hide the prompt after a few seconds.First I create an HTML item containing span with an ID: /* * function hide Tree.

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/* * * This function will associate a validation function with the prompt control called prompt Postal Code * */ asdf.assign Validator = function ( ) ; /* * * This function is called for each character entered by the user. The first function finds the prompt Postal Code prompt, and assigns the validator.* This is based on the samples, so I'm giving all credit to Rick Blackwell of IBM.*/ var acme = ; Control = function(prompt Name) ; /* * Global Params * Paul Mendelson 2012-28-10 * These control the behaviour of the functions below.You must create an extended lookup mapping to add a new lookup code that needs to be included in reports delivered by Oracle localization teams.You map the extended lookups using the Manage Extended Lookups task.Just as previous version required a bit of Java Script to prepare your page for playing with the prompt objects, this version is no different.What is different, is that instead of having to memorize the entire f W form Warp Request nonsense, now it’s a much simpler: The acme namespace is to prevent function conflicts with existing Cognos functions, just preface all functions with that and you’ll be good.No longer will developers have to scramble to try to figure out how to get validate prompts at run time.Or how to repopulate them as needed through other interactions.Now when a user enters a value, it will trigger the validator function, passing the entered value.The second function will take the entered value compare it against the regex, and return a true/false, telling Cognos whether the finish button should be active, and if there should be a red underline in the prompt object.

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