Validating well formed xml c

When making quick changes to an XML file in a simple editor like Notepad, it is prudent to check the updated XML file before checking it back in or deploying it.

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The example creates an XML schema collection that holds the schema for a simple expense report.Today, you're going to start putting those items to work as you create well-formed documents.Why is it so important to make an XML document well-formed?When the CREATE MESSAGE TYPE statement specifies a schema collection, the user executing the statement must have REFERENCES permission on the schema collection specified.The following example creates a new message type that contains well-formed XML.WELL_FORMED_XML Specifies that the message body must contain well-formed XML.VALID_XML WITH SCHEMA COLLECTION must be the name of an existing XML schema collection. When a message contains a message body that does not comply with the validation type specified, Service Broker discards the invalid message and returns an error message to the service that sent the have to take care of the comment nodes as well...Yesterday, you took a look at the various parts of XML documents—prologs, elements and attributes, processing instructions, and so is like when i save a xml file it should first check it the tags are correctly formed.. bool well Formed = true; using (Xml Reader xr = Xml Reader.Create(Map Path("file.xml")) // how check well Formed variable here to decide if XML is well-formed or not A Data Set can deal with certain types of XML that can be mapped to tables and rows, it can't deal with arbitrary XML.

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