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But they somehow had this power, that the rules of the universe didn’t apply to them.” [From Digital Spy] Okay, I’ll buy that Bradley was never one of the jocks, and that simple fact made him more sensitive.But notice how Bradley didn’t really deny the gay rumor? , of Bradley’s appearance on a Globe Trekker episode.The Advocate reports: “Hernandez writes that he met Garber last week at the TV Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif.He asked Garber about a Wikipedia entry that said he is partnered with a man, Rainer Andreesen, with whom he lives in New York.Maybe he thinks it’s not worth the time and energy it takes to deny (he’s probably right).

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Now, it’s totally possible that Bradley isn’t gay, that he’s totally enamored with The Zellweger, that he’s secretly the butchest dude that ever lived. When I watched Bradley in the trailer for , it just seemed like he was so woefully miscast as this would-be action hero, a little effete pipsqueak trying to play with the big guns and Liam Neeson.

‘I wondered if that’s something public, that you’ve confirmed,’ Hernandez said to Garber.”Hernandez continues: “He seemed surprised by the question but said: ‘I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows,’” Hernandez writes.

Garber then added: ‘He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards’.”Here’s what the wikipedia entry, referred to in the quote above, says about Victor and his partner: “He lives in New York with his companion of 13 years, Rainer Andreesen.”Aww.

By the way, “casually dating” is publicist talk for “beard training period.” B.

Coop’s publicist should probably tell him not to shout shit like, “I won’t date girls who can be my daughter,” because you never know when you’re going to be set up with a beard who’s old enough to be your daughter.

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